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Clean Beauty with Cassandra McClure

Welcome to the Clean Beauty Podcast with your host, Cassandra McClure. A Professional award winning Makeup Artist & industry expert in Silicon Valley sharing enlightening conversations on the beauty business, clean and green alternatives and exclusive interviews with women who are changing the world with their passion projects, products and influence! Join us!

Nov 30, 2020

Catharine started ENERGYbits after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would help her heal. Catharine immediately sprung into action to help her sister research alkaline foods and in the process she discovered algae. When Catharine learned that algae was the...

Nov 23, 2020

RA (pronounced "Ra") Egyptian draws its name from the sun god Ra of ancient Egyptian mythology, who was a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal.

When RA Egyptian CEO and formulator Dean Harrison's passion for ancient history led him to the first ever recorded anti-aging cosmetic formula in a papyrus from 1550 B.C., he...